With the prevalence of 3D printers in every workshop, it is not difficult to create a rough approximation of your product. Mosaic offers far more than that. We will take your design and create a fully functional prototype of your product that is aesthetically accurate, structurally strong, and feels like the object that you want produce.

Not everything can be modeled with a simple 3D printing machine. A presentation model required for presentations or usability studies that is properly decorated and surface treated in a dust-free environment is both difficult and expensive if you don’t have the resources necessary for the task. We can supply you with those complicated one-off prototype units.

Furthermore, if you need development prototypes – models that you need to test and revise – we will work with you to define and redefine your prototype until you are satisfied with your new designs.

And if you require multiple units of the same design, it is sometimes much more cost effective and requires much shorter lead times to produce small production runs of 100 to 1000 pieces with our 3D printing, casting, and CNC services, than to invest in the tooling that is required for a full production run.

Subtractive and Additive Prototyping

We will form and finish multiple interlocking and tolerance-sensitive parts so that they precisely mimic the appearance and movement of your final product.

Precise machining of opaque and water-clear transparent materials, by 3 and 4 axis CNC milling equipment.

CNC subtractive prototype - high precision and tight tolerance
CNC Milling
SLA 3D printing equipment
3D printers

Subtractive and Additive Prototyping Examples

Metal Forming and Casting

Sheet and milled metal products formed by laser cutters, bending units, or precision CNC mills. Vacuum casting and metal casting, RIM production.

Metal Forming and Casting Prototyping Examples


Finishing and surface treatments including anodizing, spray paint, UV hardening treatments, and pad printing. We can work with mixed materials and assembly.

We also provide vacuum formed blisters and card assembly.


Finishing Examples

We use the latest in equipment to create your concepts including:

  • ATOS scanners
  • CNC turning, bending, milling equipment
  • Wire cut, milling, grinding, drilling machines
  • EDM
  • 3D system SLA printers
  • RIM
  • Finishing chambers, UV, IR heater, fine polishing and sanding equipment
  • Metal and vacuum casting equipment
  • EWM, TIG, spot welding
  • Full set of lab testing and measuring equipment
  • Aluminum and steel tool-making equipment

And we do this all at a very competitive cost with quick lead-times.


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