We provide our design services through our New York-based company, Concept Workshop Worldwide, LLC.

In addition to our manufacturing and prototype services, we also design and develop groundbreaking and innovative packaging, devices, and premium products.  We then work with our clients to customize our patented technologies to your brand’s proprietary design requirements. 

Concept Workshop can offer its patents and ideas in three ways:

  • Design and manufacture our patented concepts through Mosaic Development (FE) Ltd.
  • License and sell our patent through an exclusive or non-exclusive agreement.
  • Develop new design solutions in order to meet your product and packaging requirements and specifications.

Concept Workshop’s History

Concept Workshop was started in the 1980’s began in the 1980’s as a package engineering design consulting firm and engineered such imaginative contemporary fragrance and cosmetic lines as Bijan Perfume’s distinctive donut hole, Michael Kors’ simple rectangle, and Escada’s heart-shaped bottles. In 1999 the company began to develop and patent it’s own unique and innovative medical and package concepts.

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Design and patent innovations
Some of Concept Workshop's Patented Innovations
soft good manufacturing - jewelry wallets
Fine Chain Jewelry Purses
Custom photo and wedding album manufacturing
Concept Workshop's MEMTO Photo Albums

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