A mosaic is a set of individually colored glass fragments that are meticulously assembled into something wonderful.

Mosaic Development (FE) Limited is a full-service design, development, and manufacturing company that offers personal managed product development and prototyping services to our international customers. We are not a consulting company. We will invest our time and energy, work closely with you to develop your design, and ship you your final production shipment or prototype on time and with careful attention to the high standards of quality that you deserve.


3D & CNC Prototyping

With the prevalence of 3D printers in every workshop, it is not difficult to create a rough approximation of your product. Mosaic offers far more than that. We will take your design and create a fully functional prototype of your product that is aesthetically accurate, structurally strong, and feels like the object that you want produce.



Mosaic Development with work with your designers and marketing group to engineer and develop your concept whether it is a sketch or, a fully designed product, into a final manufactured product. We can either work as your onsite product manager or, if you prefer produce and sell the product to you. Over the years, we have fostered strong partnerships with quality tool-makers and production facilities in Asia.


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Mosaic Development (FE) Limited
Level 19, Two Chinachem Central
26 Des Voeux Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
Tel +852-2297-2471   

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